What Is Capricoin?

What Is Capricoin? | Altcoin Cryptocurrency Review

What Is Capricoin

What Is Capricoin | http://www.digitalcurrencyfuture.com <<== CLICK HERE for a FREE Crypto Mini Course that will explain everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, bitcoin and altcoins… and even Capricoin!

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In this video I thoroughly answer the question What Is Capricoin? I explain the technology behind Capricoin (the blockchain), show the blockchain explorer where you can view the CPC digital public transaction ledger, I introduce the development company behind the coin and the blockchain and the CapriPay mobile payments platform and merchant marketplace.

I give you a tour of the CapriPay platform and what it offers users and merchants. I also explain a bit about the up and coming, INDUSTRY FIRST, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called BitPeer which Capricoin will be one of the very first coins traded alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Last but not least I explain the logistic of the Vizionary network marketing style marketing arm that supports and fuels the global growth of Capricoin coin and CapriPay. I hope you enjoy the video and that you got value out of how I answered the question ‘What Is Capricoin’, please contact me or comment with any questions!

You are welcome to contact me with questions, using the following methods:

Here are some resources I mentioned in the video:

Official Capricoin Website:

View Capricoin Market Value / Price History:

Capricoin Blockchain Explorer:

Popular Site To Trade Bitcoin for Capricoin:

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Learn more about cryptocurrency in general at my blog:

What Is Capricoin Review: http://www.meetcalebwright.com/cryptocurrency/what-is-capricoin-altcoin-cryptocurrency-review/

What Is Capricoin
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What Is Capricoin?


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